tirsdag den 31. juli 2012

Rusty Donations

Lately the small river running by the Poppelsdorfer Castle is being renovated. The water has been drained and garbage has been pulled out of the river.
The findings have been excitibited as shown below.

Furthermore a sing has been put up, commenting on the findings:

The translation goes somewhat like this:

Bike Stand

The collected works

Thank you very much, citizens of Bonn

Numerous citizens of Bonn have spent the last 20 years to donate comprehensively to the botanical gardens - mostly in the shape of metal items (bicykles and shopping carts) that were hidden in the Melbweiher. 

It is also possible that the gifts are a result of the old Germanic tradition of the river sacrifice in order to keep the river pleased. In this case it may have been to prevent the river from spreading stench typical for the summer.

We are very grateful for these efforts, but we would however appreciate if this behaviour came to an end. 

The stench in the summer will, after the renovation of the river, disappear, even without sacrifices.

If you want to help us, please refrain from donation of kind. In stead an arbitrary amount of money on the account of "Friends of the botanical garden" is always welcome. 

Come on! That's funny! :)

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